• Composite Repair for Subsea Pipe

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Composite Repair for Subsea Pipe

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REINFORCEKiT®4D SUBSEA (R4D-S) is a long-term composite repair system for pipes suffering from external and internal corrosion, dents and leaks in offshore and subsea environments.

The original 3X ENGINEERING concept is an association of Kevlar® tape, specific bi-component epoxy resin called R3X1050S and primer P3X32. The composite is tolerant to wet conditions and can be easily installed by trained divers.

REINFORCEKiT® 4D is a wet lay-up system, wrapped helicoidally around the pipe in order to bring the mechanical resistance to the damaged pipe section.

Designed according to ISO 24.817 and ASME PCC-2 standards, this product will restore subsea pipe original integrity. There is no limit in terms of pipe diameter and pressure, and it could be used without shutdown (except in case of leakage) from +5°C up to +50°C (+41°F / +122°F). In case of leakage the process must be stopped prior to composite application.

We have developed our own software R.E.A (Reinforcekit Engineering Analysis) to design the composite repair and define the material requirements in accordance with international standards.


  • Reinforce pipe suffering from:
    • External/Internal corrosion
    • Through-wall defect
    • Pinhole
    • Crack
    • Weld defect
    • Severe abrasion/erosion
    • Leak
  • Restore pipe integrity


  • Onshore and offshore (topside)
  • All pipe geometries including welds, elbows and tees
  • All pipe sizes (no limitation)
  • High pressure pipeline
  • Pipe operating from -50°C up to +150°C
  • Pipe transporting most common fluid and gas


  • Online repair (no shutdown required except in case of leakage)
  • No loss of production
  • Non-conductive repair
  • No hot work
  • Long-term performance

REINFORCEKiT®4D SUBSEA Main Technical Data

Pipe diameter:
No limitation
Pipe temperature:
+5°C / +50°C (+41°F / +122°F)
Application temperature:
+10°C / +50°C (+50°F / +122°F)


REINFORCEKiT® 4D SUBSEA application is very specific and technically challenging as applying composite products in a subsea environment needs to be performed with highly qualified staff and specially designed equipment. To this purpose, 3X technicians and engineers are trained and certified to work offshore. For subsea repair requiring divers to perform the composite wrapping, 3X ENGINEERING provides subsea operation supervision and co-ordination of technical repair divers (including saturation divers).

Specific tools for subsea application

3X ENGINEERING developed a range of subsea tools to apply the composite repair in controlled conditions. These specific tools will guarantee the good application and thus the efficiency of the product.


BOBiPREG® is a prepreg system designed in 3X offices to perform a good, regular and quick impregnation of the Kevlar® tape with the resin before immersion.

BOBiPREG : prepreg system

How does the BOBiPREG® work?

How does the BOBiPREG work


Subsea handles : quick and easy wrapping


are dedicated to ensure proper tensile strength during application underwater.

This device allows a quick
and easy wrapping.

Subsea wrapping with Subsea handles


BOBiWRAP® is an advanced machine designed to wrap composite materials over damaged or corroded subsea pipelines. Underwater, trained divers will proceed with the repair by reducing significantly the operating working time compared to traditional wrapping solution.


  • Quick installation & easy wrapping
  • Constant tension & overlap
  • Diver friendly
BOBiWRAP : easy wrapping

3X ENGINEERING has performed several subsea repairs and reinforcements in various countries. In the last few years, our experience and know-how in subsea repair (including deepwater) has been steadily increasing with successful repairs performed around the world.

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