Permanent repair for damaged tank

Reinforcekit ® Patch
permanent repair tanks

REINFORCEKiT® PATCH is a REINFORCEKiT® 4D variation for damaged tanks and vessels suffering from internal or external damage. This is the solution for a lasting tank reinforcement (up to 20 years for external corrosion).

Based on REINFORCEKiT® 4D technology, this product is compliant with ISO 24.817 and ASME PCC-2 standards.

This permanent solution is made of Kevlar® patches and 3X bi-component epoxy resin.

This product is tailor-made for each repair and can be used whatever the conditions are. It requires Engineering & Calculations.

The dimensions of the patch and the quantity of resin will depend on the defect (no limitation of defect size). The number of patch/layer will be determined using our REA software.

REINFORCEKiT® PATCH Technical Details

Temperature -50°C / +150°C (-58°F / +302°F)
Maximum tank diameter No limitation
Maximum defect size No limitation
Maximum pressure No limitation

Suitable for all tank designs & sizes

Reinforcekit ® Patch
permanent repair tanks
Reinforcekit ® Patch
permanent repair tanks


  • Restore tank original integrity
  • Reinforce damaged tank area
  • Prevent from further corrosion/deterioration


  • Onshore & offshore installations
  • All tank designs and diameters
  • Compatible with most common fluids and gas
  • Temperature up to +150°C (+302°F)


  • No defect size limitation
  • No pressure limitation
  • Permanent repair (for external defect)
  • No overload on damaged tank

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